Chapter Nine Part Three: Top 10 Websites For You To Check If A Site Is Blocked

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Besides to visit with anti-censorship tools and to ping it, you can also check out if a site is blocked or not with some third-party web apps directly.

Among which, the following 10 are the best to tell you if a site is blocked or down:

1. Just Ping

Just Ping

The Just Ping website will ping the domain you enter from 50 locations around the world, unless there is no "Okey" in the result, your site is blocked in that location where the result is "Packets lost (100%)".

But the results are different every time I checked, so that you'd better check more than one time.

2. Watch Mouse

Watch Mouse

Watch Mouse can ping your site from 30 stations worldwide, and tell you if the site is down or blocked in the same way as Just Ping does.

3. HostTracker


The HostTracker website is down now, but during yesterday's test, it can check any site you enter from tens of different locations around the world.

While the above 3 websites will show you from where they check your site, the following 7 won't, but their results are also correct during my test:

4. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

On the Down For Everyone Or Just Me website, enter any domain you want to check, then you can see if the domain's site is down for everyone or just you.

5. IsUp.Me


IsUp.Me is another version of Down For Everyone Or Just Me, everything are same, except the domain.

6. Down Or Not

Down Or Not

Enter a site's domain, press the Return key, then Down Or Not will show you if the site is down or not. And you can also pick up a site listed to check if it is down or blocked.

7. Down Or Is It Just Me

Down Or Is It Just Me

On the Down Or Is It Just Me website, you can see if a site is really down or not by entering its domain.

8. Checksite.Us


Enter the domain of the site you want to check, then Checksite.Us will show you if they can access the site.

9. Up Or Down

Up Or Down

The design of the Up Or Down website is simple, you enter a site, then it will show you if it is up or down.



As the name, (short for Down Or Just Me) will show you if the site you want to check is down or not.

If a site is up according to the above 10 websites, but you can't visit it, then the site is blocked in your area.

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