Chapter Two Part Seven: Snova

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Among GAppProxy, Goagent, Hyk-proxy and Snova these 4 popular GAE proxies, Snova is the best, since it supports HTTPS well.

Besides, it is also available for you to use in the following 6 different ways.

1. To use Snova directly

The easiest ways to use Snova

As default, Snova can automatically connect to some random GAE apps shared by others, so that you can just download the Snova client and run it.

2. To use Snova on your own GAE app

How To Install And Use Snova On GAE

Instead to use others' apps, you can also create your own ones, and upload the Snova server to them to run the proxy service.

Again, none of the above 2 ways are available for you to visit HTTPS links, and to do so, you need install the C4 plugins on any of the following 4 PaaS platforms:

3. To use Snova on Cloud Foundry

How To Install And Use Snova On Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is available for you to run the Snova c4 plugin in an instance with 4-core CPU, 2 G disk, and 512M memory, no bandwidth limit.

4. To use Snova on Heroku

How To Install And Use Snova On Heroku

The network bandwidth limit of Heroku is 2TB/month.

5. To use Snova on OpenShift

How To Install And Use Snova On OpenShift

OpenShift is available for you to create up to 3 apps, and each of which will run in an instance of 1GB disk and 512MB memory.

6. To use Snova on Jelastic

How To Install And Use Snova On Jelastic

With Jelastic, you can choose to build your C4 plugin on Servint, Dogado, Rusonyx or some other hosted service provider, and deploy the c4 plugin on its website directly without entering any command lines.

For the C4 plugins, you need to use the "" file on Heroku, and use the "" file on the other 3 PaaS platforms.

By the way, besides to use Snova on GAE, Cloud Foundry, Heroku, OpenShift or Jelastic separately, you can also use on one, more or even all of them together, as well as to use multiple apps on each of them.

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