Preface: My Internet Freedom Declaration

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While there is no definition, someone declares five basic principles of Internet Freedom, which are Expression, Access, Openness, Innovation and Privacy.

As a man living in China, I totally agree with those 5 principles and know how import internet freedom will be, since you might go to jail by a message you posted online, fail to visit Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other websites, get your website shut down because of one criticized post, and even find out that your private chat history were released to the police without any court document, so on and so forth.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton Discusses on Internet Freedom

Sounds horrible, right? But which were all happened in the Chinese internet world.

Since 2007, I have fought against the GFW (great firewall) — the biggest part of Internet Censorship in China, by testing free anti-censorship tools as many as possible and sharing them on my blogs, both Free Nuts and Jing Pin (in Chinese).

Up till now, I have tested and introduced over 100 free anti-censorship tools, including VPN, Proxy, SSH and more, among which, some may be not available any more when you are reading this book, but luckily, there will be always some new tools, and I will keep an eye on them.

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