Chapter Two Part Two: Freegate

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Like Ultrasurf, Freegate is also a very popular and easy-to-use proxy service.

The following will show you how to use Freegate in 3 steps:

I. Download Freegate

Download Freegate

Open the Dynaweb site and download the Freegate client software, whether in exe or zip format.

In case the Dynaweb site is blocked in your area (such as China), you can use some other proxies, SSH tunnels or VPN services to unblock it first.

II. Run Freegate

If you downloaded the exe file, just open it, and if you downloaded the zip file, extract it and run the exe file.

When the connection is successful, you can use the Freegate proxy service right away, as what you can see from the following image:

Freegate Client Software

But before you can see the control panel in the above image, you may come across the following 2 pop-up windows:

1. Freegate Proxy Control

Freegate Proxy Control

As default, the domains of ".cn", ".baidu", ".qq" and some other suffixes will be connected directly, even though you remove them or select "Choose All websites go through Freegate proxy", which means you can't visit the sites of those domains with Freegate anyway.

So, you can neglect this window and just click the "OK" button to close it.

2. Windows Security Alert

In case you come across with a Windows Security Alert, such as what you can see from the following image:

Freegate Windows Security Alert

Just click on the "Allow access" button, then you can see the proxy's Chinese site Dongtaiwang on your IE browser.

III. Set browser network proxy

Freegate Network Proxy Settings

Same as Ultrasurf, On IE, you can use the Freegate proxy service directly after connection, but on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser, you also need to set the network proxy to " : 8580".

The above instructions are for Windows only, in fact, Freegate is also available on Mac and Linux computer operating systems, and you can refer to the FAQ page for the usages.

And besides computers, Freegate also supports Android, Java and WM mobile phones, but only in Chinese.

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