Chapter Three Part Two: Free VPN Softwares

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Different from PPTP VPN Services, desktop VPN softwares require downloading and installation.

Most VPN softwares are not free, but luckily, you can check out the following best 6 free ones:

1. SecurityKiss

Free VPN Softwares securitykiss

The VPN software SecurityKiss works for Windows only, but brings you 300MB of data transfer per day for free.

No registration is required, you can just download and install the SecurityKiss software, then run and connect it. If the connection fails, you can try to select another VPN server.

2. ProXPN

free vpn software proxpn

The VPN software ProXPN is workable for Windows and Mac computers.

Create a ProXPN account, download, install and run the software, then you can connect the VPN service with your username and password, but there will be a ProXPN landing page before you can visit the site you intend to.

3. Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a OpenVPN service, workable on Windows and Mac.

You can create an account, download the OpenVPN Connect package, choose to connect the San Jose, CA (US), London (UK) or Zurich (CH) server, then you can use the Private Tunnel service, but  only 100 MB free traffic.

4. Hotspot Shield

free vpn software hotspot shield

With English, French, Chinese and some other languages support, Hotspot Shield offers a free VPN solution with unlimited bandwidth for Windows and Mac.

Just download and install the software, then you can run and connect the VPN service, but there will be ads on the top of the webpages you visit.

5. ExpatShield

free vpn software expat shield

Like Hotspot Shield, ExpatShield is also a free VPN software offers unlimited bandwidth with ads and supports multiple languages.

But ExpatShield is only workable for Windows computer system.

6. Cloak VPN

Cloak VPN

Cloak VPN supports Mac, iPhone and iPad.

After registration, download the right Cloak VPN clients according to your device operating systems, then you can connect and use the VPN service directly.

By the way, you can use the Cloak VPN services on both of your OS and iOS devices with up to 1G traffic and 2 hours EVERY month as a free user.

Among the above 6 free VPN softwares, I prefer to use SecurityKiss and ProXPN, how about you? Which ones are your favorite?

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