Chapter Four Part One: Free SSH Tunnels

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Since it is expensive to build a SSH tunnel, there are not so many free ones.

But luckily, you can find the following best 5 for reference anyway:

1. Alidage


On the Alidage homepage, you can enter your email address, and press the Enter key, the you can get your free SSH tunnel account via email.

The password will be changed every one hour, then you will need to enter your email address again to get the new one.

2. Onlybird


The Onlybird website offers 2 different free SSH tunnel accounts, which you can see directly by clicking on the above link.

By the way, the password will be changed every 4 hours, and the server port is 9999, instead of the default 22.

3. BlueSSH


BlueSSH offers one free SSH tunnel account, which you can see on the free account page.

The server port is 80 or 443, and the password will be changed every half an hour.

4. Usassh


Usassh offers 2 free SSH severs, but the one with 22 port was not available now.

And the other one with port 80 or 443 will update its password every o'clock.

While the above 4 websites are all Chinese, the following one is English:

5. Tor VPN


On the Tor VPN website, you can sign up the Trial account and get a free SSH tunnel for one month, with up to 1 GB traffic.

By the way, besides SSH, you can also have a free OpenVPN account.

Among the above 4 free SSH tunnels, Tor VPN is blocked in China, but the other 4 are not, have fun!

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